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AIRS/AMSU Failing Starting on 1 December 2020

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2020 11:08 am
by kathys

Your IMAPP AIRS software will not create valid output starting on 1 December 2020 without updating the "de200.eos" file. You will need to replace the existing file with a new 32-bit version. To do this. follow the instructions below.

1). Download the new file:

wget ... .eos.32bit

2). Change the download filename

mv de200.eos.32bit de200.eos

3). Replace the current de200.eos file with the new file wherever you find it in your AIRS installation.

Please note, the file required by the MODIS Level 1 software is a 64-bit version and cannot be used with the AIRS installation.

The 64-bit version is available here: ... .eos.64bit