DBCRAS dsserve.k hangs

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DBCRAS dsserve.k hangs

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We are using IMAPP Direct Broadcast CIMSS Regional Assimilation System (DBCRAS) in a i686 Linux machine (CentOS release 4.7) without problems for a while and suddenly it stop working. Analysing the logs and process tree, I have determined that is the following line the one what is causing the script to hang:


I have made some debugging and the line is correctly completed for execution, but the dsserve.k executable is just not responding, no CPU use, nothing. It just hangs waiting.

Do you have any clue of what happened? How can I determine the cause and solve the issue?

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Re: DBCRAS dsserve.k hangs

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Dear Sir,

The DBSSERVE part of DBCRAS has to do with the creation of the images.

When DSSERVE adds an entry, it:
Locks the file RESOLV.SRV
Reads it
Deletes it
Rewrites it
Closes file [which unlocks it]

If DSSERVE is hanging, it might be due to another DSSERVE running or some other process has a lock on RESOLV.SRV.

Please make sure that you do not have any instances of DSSERVE running (kill all of the ones that may be running). You should also check the dbCRAS/McX directory and delete any RESOLV.SRV file you find there.

You can then try to see if the command will work by setting the dbCRAS environmental variables, and then typing:



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