Example: How to install and run SeaDAS OCSSW - MODIS Level 1

Example: How to install and run SeaDAS OCSSW - MODIS Level 1

Postby kathys » Tue May 02, 2017 4:53 pm

Example showing how to install and run SeaDAS OCSSW for MODIS Level 1

My colleague, Liam Gumley, put a test package together that will help users install new versions of the modis level 1 software that is released by the NASA Ocean Biology Group.

Please follow these instructions. They assume that the user is installing in $HOME. If you are not installing the software in this location, then you will need to modify the
install.bash, run_aqua.bash, and run_terra.bash scripts to set the install_home directory.

On a recent 64-bit Linux system,

cd $HOME
wget ftp://ftp.ssec.wisc.edu/pub/gumley/modi ... el1.tar.gz
tar -zxf modis_level1.tar.gz
cd modis_level1
cat 00README.txt

By following the instructions in the README file, you will learn how to

1. Check if your Linux system is ready to install and run OCSSW

2. Install the OCSSW software

3. Run OCSSW to process DB test data from Terra MODIS and Aqua MODIS

The modis level 1 software requires very specific versions of local software in order to execute correctly. This set of instructions will tell you what they are. Liam put these instructions together as a service to the direct broadcast community.

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