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PRO_CROSSGRAN_FAIL Required input not available

Posted: Fri May 17, 2013 5:00 pm
by benesplin
I have not been able to run any CrIS data through the latest version of ADL compiled from source. Every time I run it it gives a required input not available error, no matter what inputs I add from ADL/data or which granules I run.

ProSdrCrisController failed to get cross granule inputs
ProCmnAlgorithm[ProSdrCris]::handleInputQuery(NPP000494865921) [0x2af922211010] ROOT PRO_CROSSGRAN_FAIL Required input not available for Shortname: CRIS-SCIENCE-RDR , Granule ID: NPP000494864962 Failure(s): (CRIS-SCIENCE-RDR, NPP000494864962) from file ProCmnAlgorithm.cpp, line 7895

Granule ID NPP000494864962 is not in the xml files and is not a granule I am trying to process.

Has the algorithm changed so that 22 four scanline RDR granules are no longer enough to process SDRs?
Here is a cleaned up list of the inputs I included in CRIS_INPUTPATH. See the attachment for the complete list.






Am I missing any files?

Re: PRO_CROSSGRAN_FAIL Required input not available

Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 1:09 pm
by bhenders
Can you clarify what the latest version of ADL compiled from source is? I assume that you are referring to possibly one of the data and source tar file packages provided from the CM portal.

Nonetheless, your problem seems directly related to not having the correct cross granule CrIS-SCIENCE-RDR files available or you are using the incorrect NPP_GRANULE_ID_BASETIME for the CrIS RDRs that you are trying to run. You should need 4 previous and 4 future granules in order to run one CrIS RDR granule. At a minimum you need 9 granules total to produce one granule of output. I've pasted the comments from the $ADL_HOME/build/envSetup.ksh file regarding the NPP_GRANULE_ID_BASETIME below. This would be the first thing I would check with regards to your failure. Second, I'd verify that you do indeed have at least 9 granules staged consecutively. If you are still having issues, please post the granule ID of the granule you are trying to execute and the granule ids that you do have staged and I will help debug further.

# The value of NPP_GRANULE_ID_BASETIME affects the granule ID utility which
# affects the granule IDs for which an algorithm will query.
# It is set correctly for data that ships with ADL and prelaunch proxy data.
# If real NPP data is processed by ADL, this variable will need to be
# updated.
# Use this value for data shipped with ADL and prelaunch proxy data.
export NPP_GRANULE_ID_BASETIME=1300968033000000
# Use this value for real NPP data.
#export NPP_GRANULE_ID_BASETIME=1698019234000000

Bryan Henderson
Raytheon Company

Re: PRO_CROSSGRAN_FAIL Required input not available

Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 2:53 pm
by benesplin
Thank you, from your post I was able to diagnose what our problem was. The script we are using to generate the XML files was not staging correctly.

I have another question. What triggers ADL to create a Correction Matrix?
My guess is that it creates a new correction matrix for the first granule run and then for every granule that contains a four minute engineering packet. Is this a correct assumption?

Re: PRO_CROSSGRAN_FAIL Required input not available

Posted: Wed May 22, 2013 10:54 am
by bhenders
The conditions that trigger a CMO rebuild I believe are described in CrIS SDR ATBD document. The CMO is not rebuilt for every 4 minute engineering packet that is received but rather will only be triggered if the monitored laser wavelength has drifted beyond a threshold. It's been quite awhile since I've been involved in CrIS but there may be the possibility that an 8 second science data packet could trigger the CMO to be rebuilt. A new CMO is always generated if one does not exist or is available as an input. The ScienceDataProcessor::refreshCorrectionMatrix() calls, I believe are all the trigger points for rebuilding the CMO.

Bryan Henderson
Raytheon Company