How Can I disable part of the Controller workflow?

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How Can I disable part of the Controller workflow?

Postby sudipta » Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:20 pm

Hi Folks
In the ADL ProSdrViirsController workflow I just want to run the sub-algorithms 1-3 and disable the rest. So if I just edit the ProSdrViirsController_CFG.xml file and remove those sections then will that be okay or will I have to recompile some section of the code for it to be actually reflected in the ADL workflow?
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Re: How Can I disable part of the Controller workflow?

Postby stewart999 » Thu Jan 30, 2014 6:30 pm

If it is just the first 3 sub-algorithms, you can edit the ProSdrViirsController_CFG.xml without recompiling ADL. However, in general, when modifying *_CFG.xml files, please be cautious enabling/disabling algorithms as some algorithms produce outputs which are needed as inputs downstream in the algorithm chain.
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Re: How Can I disable part of the Controller workflow?

Postby houchin » Fri Jan 31, 2014 7:04 am

I believe there's a more detailed discussion on this in the ADL user's guide. As Sara said, the hidden issue is the inputs and outputs of each algorithm. As distributed, the VIIRS controller algorithms are configured to not persist some of the intermediate products to disk, and depending on where you split the controller, you may need to change that.

For example, the Aerospace team regularly runs three subgroups of the algorithms for the VIIRS controller. If you have GRAVITE access, our guidelist and configuration files for our Mx7.1 installation can be seen at /home/share/aero/aeroadl/latest/cfg, or through GIP subversion, at (Other versions are available; if you're interested, just send me a note. In those files, look for the text "AEROADL_MODIFIED" or "AEROADL_CUSTOM" to find the modifications to distributed files and the completely new files we created.

  • ProSdrViirsRdrToCal: Run the VIIRS controller starting with VIIRS-SCIENCE-RDR files, stopping after the Cal algorithm
  • ProSdrViirsRdrToGeo: Run the VIIRS controller starting with the VIIRS-SCIENCE-RDR files, stopping after the Geo algorithm. For this case, the configuration of the Geo algorithm must be modified to put the VIIRS-GEO-OBC-IP output into the DMS
  • ProSdrViirsCal: Run only the VIIRS Cal algorithm, taking the output of a previously RdrToGeo run as input
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