The Mystery VIIRS-ANC-Optical-Depth File

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The Mystery VIIRS-ANC-Optical-Depth File

Postby jhuangadl » Wed Feb 08, 2012 2:01 pm

1. These are supposed to be granulated from NAAPS-ANC-Int
2. But there are no NAAPS-ANC-Int input files in the example run for ProSdrViirsControllerInputs
3. There are indeed such VIIRS-ANC-Optical-Depth Files in the ProSdrViirsControllerTruthOutputs

Are the NAAPS-ANC-Int gone missing from the ProSdrViirsControllerInputs folder?

For my new granule run, I provided NAAPS-ANC-Int file in the input folder and only run ProAncViirsController sub-algorithm in the ProSdrViirsController_CFG.xml, I still could not produce the VIIRS-ANC-Optical-Depth files.

Am I missing anything in my way of processing? Thanks!!!
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Re: The Mystery VIIRS-ANC-Optical-Depth File

Postby kbisanz » Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:22 pm

I assume you are talking about the staged data in ADL 3.1.

It is possible you do not have the correct data package(s) downloaded. I believe the NAAPS files are in the adlSdrViirsStaticInputDataLink package.

ProAncViirsGranulateOpticalDepth_CFG.xml and ProAncViirsGranulateAotClimatology_CFG.xml have "EnvironmentRunNameOfficial" values of ProEdrViirsMasksController. This means that they run in the ProEdrViirsMasksController, not the VIIRS SDR Controller. You could try changing those values to ProSdrViirsController and see what happens.
Kevin Bisanz
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Re: The Mystery VIIRS-ANC-Optical-Depth File

Postby jhuangadl » Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:32 am

I did such changes, but it did not work.
Should I put these two sub-algorithm in the:
I saw ProAncViirsController_CFG.xml does have the GranulateOpticalDepth as one of the sub-algorithm, but not GranulateAotClimatology. what does this mean? Should I have it as one of the sub-algorithm as well?
I also saw that GranulateOpticalDepth and GranulateAotClimatology have the same output ANC-Optical-Depth file, should it be a problem when they write DMS not at the same time?

I think I worked it out like this:
Instead of changing ProSdrViirsController, I changed ProEdrViirsMasksController and only run for the GranulateAotClimatology, and it generated the ANC-Optical-Depth file successfully.
Now the question is, the generated ANC-Optical-Depth file may not contain the part of the expected output from the GranulateOpticalDepth sub-algorithm, right?
Anyway I tried it with the Aerosol EDR algorithm and I failed again with segmentation error.
If I did not put the ANC-Optical-Depth as 'optional', I did not get any outputs.
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Re: The Mystery VIIRS-ANC-Optical-Depth File

Postby jhuangadl » Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:00 pm

I finally got the VIIRS Aerosol EDR new NPP granule run worked out.
Thanks a lot for all the kind and helpful feedbacks I got from this forum!

The reason is indeed the messing up of the "EnvironmentRunNameOfficial" values as Kevin previously pointed out:
(assuming we are based on the staged ADL package):

The current ProSdrViirsController runs ProAncViirsController, and ProSdrViirsController runs ProAncViirsGranulateOpticalDepth;
but unfortunately ProAncViirsGranulateOpticalDepth has "EnvironmentRunNameOfficial" as ProEdrViirsMasksController.

Here is what I did with the VIIRS-ANC-Optical-Depth File generation:

1. Keep the current "EnvironmentRunNameOfficial" for ProAncViirsGranulateOpticalDepth_CFG.xml and ProAncViirsGranulateAotClimatology_CFG.xml
2. Change ProEdrViirsMasksController to run ProAncViirsGranulateOpticalDepth and ProAncViirsGranulateAotClimatology. Currently it only has ProAncViirsGranulateAotClimatology, so I have to add in ProAncViirsGranulateOpticalDepth.
3. Then it all worked out nicely! --- ProEdrViirsMasksController generated VIIRS-ANC-Optical-Depth, and I transferred them to aerosol input folder, then binggo! Everything worked out like magic!!!

Thanks a lot for bothering you all here this couple weeks! I hope everyone would find what they need for themselves from all the threads I created here and there!

-- Jingfeng Huang, NASA/GSFC
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