How to generate ProGipViirsGridToGranLandSurfAlbedo

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How to generate ProGipViirsGridToGranLandSurfAlbedo

Postby yli » Mon Dec 23, 2013 2:55 pm


I’m trying to get ADL to output “VIIRS-GridIP-VIIRS-Land-Surf-Albedo-Mod-Gran” but the ProSdrViirsController.exe_d275_10735.log says
“2013/12/23 17:50:55.378.888 (10735.47610720402992): DBG_HIGH ProCmnControllerAlgorithm.cpp|253|WARNING: ProGipViirsGridToGranLandSurfAlbedo will not be created”
Note: This output file is defined in “ProGipViirsGridToGranLandSurfAlbedo_CFG.xml”

Does anyone know how to turn that on so ProGipViirsGridToGranLandSurfAlbedo can be generated?
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Re: How to generate ProGipViirsGridToGranLandSurfAlbedo

Postby kbisanz » Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:51 am


While most other GridToGran algorithms are ran via the VIIRS SDR Controller, this one is actually executed via ProEdrViirsLsaController.exe.

This can be determined by looking in ProGipViirsGridToGranLandSurfAlbedo_CFG.xml and noting the EnvironmentRunNameOfficial:
Code: Select all
   <group name="ProGipViirsGridToGranLandSurfAlbedo">

      <group name="ConfigValues">     
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