VIIRS Lunar Roll Manuever 3 May, 2020

VIIRS Lunar Roll Manuever 3 May, 2020

Postby kathys » Fri May 01, 2020 5:02 pm

S-NPP Lunar Roll Maneuver and VIIRS sector rotation 5/3/20 orbit 44128 from 18:30:50 to 18:37:51z

The S-NPP is scheduled to perform a roll maneuver (-1.87 deg) on May 3, 2020 for
VIIRS lunar calibration in orbit# 44128 with VIIRS sector rotation (encoder offset).
The Moon image is predicted to be centered at 18:34:20z.

During the sector rotation, the VIIRS calibrators and Earth view sectors data are
shifted to allow the Moon image to be captured in the middle of Earth view sector,
and the dual gain bands gain mode are switched from Auto Gain to fixed High Gain (HG).

7 min VIIRS SDRs/EDRs impacted period: 18:30:50 – 18:37:51z (sector rotation and HG)
6 min S-NPP spacecraft pointing off nadir: 18:31:20 – 18:37:20z (maneuver)

• HRD (Direct Broadcast) Off: 18:26:20 UTC
• VIIRS DC Off: 18:30:49 UTC
• Center of dwell: 18:34:20 UTC
• VIIRS DC On: 18:37:50 UTC
• HRD (Direct Broadcast) On: 18:42:20
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