NOAA-20 Drag Make-up Maneuver 29 September 2020

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NOAA-20 Drag Make-up Maneuver 29 September 2020

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Topic: N20 Drag Make-Up (DMU) Maneuver scheduled for September 29, 2020

Date/Time Issued: September 28, 2020 1808Z
Product(s) or Data Impacted: All NOAA-20 Sensor Data
Date/Time of Initial Impact: September 29,2020 16:40:07 Z
Date/Time of Expected End: September 29,2020 18:47:08 Z
Length of Outage: See Details.

Details/Specifics of Change: On September 29, 2020 17:06:07 Z,
N20 will perform a 2.0 second Drag Make-Up (DMU) Maneuver to maintain the Repeating Ground Track box.

The following observatory systems will be affected on September 29, 2020:
16:40:07Z - 18:47:08Z CERES in Contam-Safe mode, science data will not be available
16:50:07Z - 17:16:08Z OMPS in Decon mode, Science data will not be available
16:55:09Z - 17:12:24Z HRD (Direct Broadcast) will be off, data for direct broadcast users will be unavailable
17:00:07Z - 17:13:17Z N20 pointing off-nadir, collected data during that time period may be impacted and not disseminated
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