CSPP SDR Version 3.2.1 Patch Release

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CSPP SDR Version 3.2.1 Patch Release

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Dear Colleagues,

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP) Team is releasing a Patch to the SDR Version 3.2 software (v3.2.1) that includes two changes:
  • ● An update from the VIIRS SDR Algorithm team that has improved handling of corrupt sections of VIIRS RDR Science data. This change also has a positive impact on downstream Environmental Data Record (EDR) product retrievals too, including CSPP VIIRS Active Fires.
    ● A change in filtering input RDR ATMS and CrIS instrument inputs that can improve the output SDR geolocation accuracy. This filtering allows additional spacecraft diary data to be used at runtime for geolocation processing, and it results in ATMS and CrIS SDRs from CSPP agreeing with NOAA global data to within 10-15 meters. Without the patch, the CSPP geolocation can sometimes differ from NOAA global data by up to 150 meters.
The patch can be applied over an existing CSPP SDR Version 3.2 installation, or part of a fresh Version 3.2.1 installation. Instructions can be found in the CSPP SDR Version 3.2.1 installation guide included at the CSPP download site. For more information, follow this link:


Kathy Strabala (For the UW-Madison CSPP Team)
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