CSPP CrIS SDR Patch for Extended Interferogram Downlink

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CSPP CrIS SDR Patch for Extended Interferogram Downlink

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Dear Colleagues,

The JPSS project will transition CrIS direct broadcast to extended spectral resolution data in the near future (date is yet to be determined). In extended spectral resolution mode, extra data points will be transmitted from the CrIS instrument. These points may be used by a future SDR algorithm version to reduce ringing artifacts that are visible in certain channels. In response to this upcoming change, the CSPP team has developed a patch for the current CSPP SDR Version 2.1. We label this patch CSPP SDR version 2.1.1.

While the SDR 2.1.1 software will not make use of the extra points, the 2.1.1 update is needed to continue generating a valid product. This software update is backward compatible, so that it can be installed prior to the transmission change. Users who have applied the CSPP SDR v2.1.1 patch should see no change in the output SDR product after the change to CrIS extended spectral resolution.

To apply the patch (about 1MB file size) to your current CSPP Version 2.1 installation, follow these instructions.

From your top level CSPP SDR installation directory (for example if your installation is /home/SNPP/CSPP/SDR_2_1 then change to the /home/SNPP directory):

wget ftp://ftp.ssec.wisc.edu/pub/CSPP/v_2_1_ ... tch.tar.gz
tar xf ../CSPP_SDR_V2.1.1.patch.tar.gz

The patch includes the ADL Leap Second file update from 1 July 2015. If you have already updated this file, it will not harm your current installation.

The CSPP website has also been updated to include this patch, including an update SDR installation guide.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please let us know.

We are currently working on a new version of CSPP SDR software which updates the ADL code base to version Mx8.10 (current IDPS operational version) that will also correctly handle this CrIS downlink change. This package might be released prior to the change, but since we do not know the exact date this will happen, we wanted to make sure users are prepared to create valid products once the extended resolution data transmission begins.


Jess Braun (On behalf of the CSPP Team)
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