Quicklooks with ql_viirs_sdr.sh

VIIRS Sensor Data Record
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Quicklooks with ql_viirs_sdr.sh

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Here's some tips about using the ql_viirs_sdr.sh script for creating quicklooks from VIIRS SDRs.

Files to edit

The script itself is mostly a wrapper; the plotting is done in sdr/common/ql_common.py

Coastline overlays

I noticed that islands were not being plotted so I found the line
bmap = pr.plot.area_def2basemap(area_def, resolution='i', area_thresh=500000)
and changed it to read area_thresh=2000
That number was chosen to show the UK, Ireland and one of the Outer Hebrides!

Latitude,longitude overlays

These were only appearing sporadically so I fixed them to be every 10 degrees by changing
pstride = np.ceil((nmx_lat.max-nmx_lat.min)/20.0)*5.0
mstride = np.ceil((nmx_lon.max-nmx_lon.min)/20.0)*5.0
to be simply
pstride = 10
mstride = 10
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