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VIIRS SDR processing failure due to bad LUT on 23 June 2015

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:21 pm
by kathys
There was an incompatible VIIRS SDR Look-Up-Table (LUT) posted to the CSPP SDR LUT website, ... UTS_V_2_0/

on 23 June 2015. It has since been removed, but it was on the site for a portion of a day. If you happened to update your LUTs on June 23 or 24, you may have downloaded it. That LUT causes the CSPP VIIRS SDR software to fail.

The incompatible LUT is:

To resolve this problem, confirm that the LUT is in your local CSPP ancillary cache:

ls ${CSPP_SDR_HOME}/anc/cache/luts/5589f6b7-7fc77-6880cc6e-1de7819c.*

If it is there, it you should see both the LUT and an associated ASCII file. To remove them, use the following command.

rm ${CSPP_SDR_HOME}/anc/cache/luts/5589f6b7-7fc77-6880cc6e-1de7819c.*

This should fix your problem.

We apologize for this error. We have taken steps to ensure that this does not happen again.