Priority of Jobs on G-ADA

Priority of Jobs on G-ADA

Postby tjdorman » Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:45 pm

Normally jobs are approved for run in the order they are received. On occasion there may be a contention to run when human or computer resourced dictate that no more jobs may be run at the moment. When contention occurs DPA will be consulted to provide a priority to the jobs in contention with each other. The scheduler has the job of coordinating with DPA and the operations. DPE has the job of operations, but not selecting priority.

DPA will usually choose functional jobs over investigative jobs. DPA may choose SDR jobs over EDR jobs. DPA does not need to rely on a set of rules but my decide on priority it sees as beneficial to the project.

After the scheduler receives the forms needed for a run he or she will contact the user who will run the job and give instructions about how to proceed. When the user is finished running the job they must report back to the scheduler that the job is finished.
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