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No CSPP Geo GRB patch needed for DO 09.02/03 GS update

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 12:34 pm
by graemem
The DO 09.02/03 update to the GOES-R Series Ground System is planned for Oct 27, 2020, per ESPC notification: ... 15406.html.

Based on test data that was provided by the GOES-R Program, it has been determined that no updates are needed for the CSPP Geo GRB software in connection with this Ground System update. CSPP Geo GRB software should continue to function normally after the change goes live.

Refer to the link above for a list of changes that are included in this update to the Ground System, and note that a possible 10 minute outage of GLM, MAG and SEISS products has been indicated.

When the change occurs, the CSPP Geo team will monitor processing and evaluate products. If a CSPP Geo software change is needed, an emergency patch will be released and an update will be posted to this forum thread. Users who encounter any issues should report them to