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CSPP Geo AIT Framework Version 1.0.36 Software Update

Posted: Tue Jul 06, 2021 9:58 am
by jbraun
Dear Colleagues,

Version 1.0.36 of the CSPP Geo AIT Framework software package is now available for download. The AIT Framework package generates Level 2 geophysical products from Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) data.

This software update is released as a patch that can be applied to a version 1.0.35 software installation.

The following change is included:
  • Update to correct processing failures due to a change in an ABI L1B attribute value following the DO 09.05.00 update to the GOES-R Ground System.
While this update is functionally identical to the emergency patch that was released last week via the user forum, users who have already applied the emergency patch may wish to install this update as well in order to increment the software version number.

For instructions on updating your software or installing from scratch, refer to the CSPP Geo AIT Framework Software Users' Guide v1.0.36. The software, test dataset and documentation can be obtained from the download page on the CSPP Geo website (login required).

Please contact with any questions, or to report any issues encountered when installing or running the software.