SDR v3.0.3, NOAA20, M7

VIIRS Sensor Data Record
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SDR v3.0.3, NOAA20, M7

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Hi colleguases,

I using RT-STPS v.6.0 and SDR v3.0.3.

The result of processin day data of RDR NOAA20 is -999 for channel M7.

For other m-band channels have not problems.

It is normal? Or have i problem whis RT-STPS configuration?

Or, in future, M7 will reconstructed using data from I2, how is did from SNPP?

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Re: SDR v3.0.3, NOAA20, M7

Post by kathys »

The M7 band on NOAA20 is not being included in the direct broadcast of VIIRS data yet. It is scheduled to be included beginning this week, starting on 26 April. That date may change. When this update does take place, the downlink will also include NOAA0 CrIS Fields-of-View (FOV) 4 and 6.

On S-NPP, the M7 is not included in the VIIRS downlink either, but is reconstructed in the daytime using the I-Band 2 data.

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