Visible (non-DNB) bands in darkness

VIIRS Sensor Data Record
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Visible (non-DNB) bands in darkness

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I'm interested in extracting data from the Visible bands during darkness (not the DNB but the other visible wavelength channels) but I see that in the SDRs the bands are represented only by fill values. The same is true if I manually process the RDRs with CSPP.
Is there a way to modify the CSPP software to prevent fill values from being added but instead to show the raw count or radiance? I realise the output may be somewhat meaningless but it could still provide some useful data for me.

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Re: Visible (non-DNB) bands in darkness

Post by kathys »

M-Bands 7, 8 and 10 ( .86, 1.2 and 1.6 microns) SDRs include observations collected at night. Now that M-Band 7 is no longer included in the direct broadcast, you could still get those files from the archive if you were interested.


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