CSPP Geo GRB Version 1.0.18 Software Release

CSPP Geo GRB Version 1.0.18 Software Release

Postby jbraun » Thu Dec 13, 2018 2:59 pm

Dear Colleagues,

The CSPP Geo team is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.0.18 of the GRB software package. The GRB software is capable of processing the GOES Rebroadcast (GRB) data stream as received from the GOES-R series of satellites, and generating products from all instruments in real-time.

Development of this software was funded by the NOAA STAR GOES-R Program.

This release includes the following changes:

Bug fix to handle a rarely-observed GRB error stream condition involving out-of-order packets
Bug fix to minimize the effect of missing packets on in-progress products
Improvements to automated clean-up of transient files
Workaround for a suspected GRB data stream issue affecting the SUVI product
Fixes for various issues in FITS files created from SUVI NetCDF-4 products
Bug fix affecting the EXIS X-Ray product

For more information on changes included in this release, refer to the "What's New" section in the Software Users' Guide.

This update is distributed as a cumulative patch that can be applied to any previous version in the 1.0 series. Note that the ingestor must be stopped and restarted to apply the patch, since updated ingestor binary files are included.

A new test dataset was created for this release, based on GRB data that was acquired after the DO.07 upgrade to the ground system in October 2018.

For instructions on updating your software or installing from scratch, refer to the CSPP Geo GRB Software Users' Guide v1.0.18. The software, test dataset and documentation can be obtained from the download page on the CSPP Geo website (login required).


Please contact csppgeo.issues@ssec.wisc.edu with any questions, or to report any issues encountered when installing or running the software.
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