CSPP SDR Version 3.3 Release

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CSPP SDR Version 3.3 Release

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CSPP Software Release: NOAA-20/S-NPP SDR Version 3.3 Software for VIIRS, CrIS and ATMS

The University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) is pleased to announce the release of the Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP) Sensor Data Record (SDR) Software Version 3.3 in support of NOAA-20 and Suomi-NPP VIIRS, CrIS and ATMS instruments. SSEC has packaged the ADL versions of the Suomi-NPP and NOAA-20 algorithms so they can run from the Linux command line in real-time direct broadcast mode, but we have not changed the underlying processing software, algorithms, or data formats. The output files from the CSPP SDR processing software are identical in naming, format, and structure to the corresponding files from NOAA/NESDIS.

What is new in CSPP SDR Version 3.3:
The CSPP SDR Version 3.3 Software Supports Unique Features:
  • • Optional multi-core processing to reduce wait times while the SDR data are created (supported for VIIRS, CrIS, and ATMS),
    • Optional aggregation and compression of SDR output files,
    • Automated download of required ancillary data at runtime, plus offline scripted downloads,
    • Offline scripted downloads of calibration lookup tables (LUTS),
    • Filtering of incomplete spacecraft diary and science arrays in RDRs based upon standard sizes, ensuring accurate calibration/geolocation.
System requirements for CSPP SDR Version 3.3:
  • • Intel or AMD CPU with 64-bit instruction support,
    • 16 GB RAM, plus an additional 8GB of RAM for every core that is used for CSPP VIIRS SDR processing,
    • CentOS 7.9 64-bit Linux (or other compatible 64-bit Linux distribution),
    • 100 GB disk space (including the software and data),
    • Internet connection (for downloading ancillary data).
Other things to Note:
  • • An anomaly occurred on the CSPP S-NPP CrIS instrument in May 2021, ultimately leading to the loss of the Mid Wave Band. The CSPP Version 3.3 SDR software properly handles the missing data, and produces S-NPP CrIS output products consisting of Short Wave and Long Wave Bands only,
    • With this new release, CSPP SDR Version 3.1.x LUTs will no longer be updated.
Software, test data and installation instructions are all available at the CSPP download site. Please use the 'Contact Us' form from our website to submit any questions or comments to CSPP.

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