CSPP SDR Version 3.3.1 Patch Release

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CSPP SDR Version 3.3.1 Patch Release

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Dear Colleagues,

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Community Satellite Processing Package (CSPP) Team is releasing a Patch to the SDR Version 3.3 software (v3.3.1) that includes the following change:
  • * A bug fix in the S-NPP and NOAA-20 CrIS Correction Matrix Operator (CMO) generation that caused longer than normal processing times.
The patch can be applied over an existing CSPP SDR Version 3.3 installation.

The CSPP Sensor Data Record (SDR) software supports the calibration and geolocation of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder (ATMS), and the Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS) instruments onboard the JPSS Suomi-NPP and NOAA-20 Satellites for Direct Broadcast users.

The Patch can either be applied as part of a new CSPP SDR Version 3.3 installation by following the instructions in the installation guide included at the CSPP download site (https://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/cspp/download/), or onto an existing Version 3.3 installation by following the steps below.

Instructions for Applying the CSPP SDR Version 3.3.1 patch onto an Existing SDR Version 3.3 installation

1.) Download the CSPP SDR Version 3.3.1 Patch (13 KB)

wget https://bin.ssec.wisc.edu/pub/CSPP/sdr_ ... tch.tar.gz

2.) Apply the patch

Set the CSPP_SDR_HOME environment variable to the name of the directory where CSPP SDR V3.3 was installed ($HOME in this example), and then execute the environment script as shown below:

source $CSPP_SDR_HOME/cspp_sdr_env.sh

Now unpack the CSPP Version 3.3.1 Patch on top of your current installation.

cd ..
tar xf ../CSPP_SDR_V3.3.1_patch.tar.gz

3.) Confirm a successful patch

Confirm the version number 3.3.1 in the $CSPP_SDR_HOME/RELEASE_NOTES.txt file.
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