AIT Framework Version 2.0 Beta Software Release

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AIT Framework Version 2.0 Beta Software Release

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Dear Colleagues,

The CSPP Geo team is pleased to announce that the AIT Framework Version 2.0 Beta software package is now available for download.


The AIT Framework software processes data from the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) onboard the GOES-R series of satellites, and generates Level 2 geophysical products. The software is intended to be run in near real-time on Level 1B data in mission-standard format, as generated by the CSPP Geo GRB software running on the GOES Rebroadcast (GRB) data stream. ABI Level 1B data is also available from NOAA via CLASS, PDA or the Big Data Program.

This package uses research versions of the GOES-R product algorithms. While the algorithm theoretical basis is shared with the operational GOES-R product software, users should expect differences in products due to the different implementations.

What's New

Version 2 represents a significant upgrade over Version 1, adding the following major new capabilities:
  • Transition from the baseline to the enterprise science algorithms, representing the first major science upgrade since the initial GOES-16 algorithm versions
  • Added products: Derived Motion Winds, and Low Cloud and Fog
  • GOES-17 support for a subset of products
  • Transition to a new major version of the core processing software from NOAA NESDIS
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes
A more detailed list of changes is in the Software Users' Guide, as well as a full list of supported products and capabilities.

Beta Software

Note that this is beta software, which is provided to the community for testing and evaluation in advance of a production release. The software has not been as thoroughly tested as a typical production release, and products should be considered preliminary and non-operational. Users can expect changes affecting functionality and interfaces in the Version 2 production release.

Beta testers are encouraged to review a list of caveats and known issues affecting this release, which can be found in the Software Users' Guide.

History and Attribution

The product algorithms are developed and maintained by the GOES-R Algorithm Working Group, which is composed of product teams located at NOAA, CIMSS and other institutions. The core processing software is developed and maintained by the ASSISTT group at NOAA NESDIS. CSPP Geo software is developed at CIMSS at the University of Wisconsin under NOAA / GOES-R funding.


For information on the science algorithms and product formats, refer to:

GOES-R Product Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBDs)
GOES-R Series Product Definition and Users’ Guide (PUG)

System Compatibility

The software runs on CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 compatible Linux, and was successfully tested on a system matching the Version 1 minimum hardware specification. System recommendations may be updated for the Version 2 production release.

Software Download and Installation

To obtain the software, system requirements, test data and documentation, please visit the CSPP Geo website (free registration required). The software package is self-contained; installation of additional third-party software is not required. Refer to the CSPP Geo AIT Framework Software Users' Guide for instructions on installing and running the software.


We welcome feedback from users on this beta software and the products, as well as any future improvements people would like to see. Please direct any feedback or questions to
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