ingest NCEP and NAAPS

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ingest NCEP and NAAPS

Postby wzchen » Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:05 am

I am using to ingest all NCEP and NAAPS data and do interpolation into the database of the ADL Block2. However, it always interpolated forecast data more than once. For example, I ingested NCEP data first. After they finished, I start to ingest NAAPS data. When I ingest NAAPS data, it will loop the database again to find all existing forecast data which will include previously ingested NCEP data then do interpolation again. Is there anyway to avoid it?

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Re: ingest NCEP and NAAPS

Postby kbisanz » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:09 pm

There is not an way easy to avoid that. You could achieve the desired result if you're willing to modify the script. Around line 371 you'll find this code.

Code: Select all
                # Find products that might need ran through TI
                # and loop over them.
                my @fileNum = `find $msd_output/ANC-Int -name "$inputName[$i]"`;

                if(@fileNum > 0)
                   print "Files found:  @fileNum \n";

You could try modifying the line with find to add a "-newer myTouchFile". So it'll be
my @fileNum = `find $msd_output/ANC-Int -name "$inputName[$i] -newer myTouchFile"`;

Each time after you execute if you do a "touch myTouchFile", the find command will only find files newer than myTouchFile. It's a little hacky, but it will probably work.
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